Who are we?

IMS Decimal are a fully flexible enterprise that are committed to providing a wide variety of Outsourced Accounting and Finance Services. We have served a wide variety of clients in the industry for a number of years now, building up a detailed breadth of knowledge and expertise. Earlier a part of IMS People, IMS Decimal is now a separate brand, focusing solely on Outsourced Accounting and Finance Services Solutions while IMS People Possible continues to cater to clients requiring Outsourced Recruitment Support services.

At IMS Decimal, we understand the daily administrative and accounting pressures that firms can face. Whether it be unexpected fluctuations in the market, increasing competition, or the need to manage large-scale projects, it can be a difficult balancing act.

So how do you navigate these issues and concentrate on improving your business growth? Outsource to a reputable Outsourced Accounting and Finance Services company.

We provide effective, all-encompassing accounting service solutions which offer reporting and invoicing, serving as a secure means to improve your output and productivity. Each of our accountants is trained in specific areas of Outsourced Accounting and Finance Services, ensuring each and every task is delivered with care and accuracy.

When you partner with IMS Decimal, you can rest assured that you will be provided with high-quality Outsourced Accounting Solutions that come guaranteed with a quick turnaround, 24/7.

IMS Group operates as a fully functional, multinational corporation made up of a wide variety of businesses, spanning across a range of sectors and skillsets. IMS Group has solid relationships with some of the largest, most recognizable brands in the world, developing and nurturing ideas that are fit for a 21st century business landscape. Our services, along with our reputation for excellence, have cemented our reputation as a dependable, ambitious group. Our aim is simple: to empower our clients by streamlining their processes and building confidence in their approach. Throughout our journey we have been dedicated, adaptable and progressive, providing Workforce Solutions on a Global scale.


Progressive, socially responsible and nimble global Workforce Solutions company. We create an unprecedented ‘Customer Experience’. Transforming every business and person we touch!

Core values

At IMS Group, we are guided by the values of I CARE. We implement these values to stay truthful to our work and perform with integrity, honesty, and in compliance with applicable laws.

We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly.

Integrity and
Care and
Accountability and
Respect and
Equality and

Empresaria Group

The IMS Group is a part of the highly regarded Empresaria Group plc, a global specialist staffing group. Founded in 1996, Empresaria operates across 6 diversified sectors in 20 countries but supplying to many more. Driven by a passion for the staffing industry, they are committed to positively impacting the lives of people, while delivering exceptional talent to their clients globally. IMS Group work cohesively with many of the Empresaria brands, striving to best serve clients. The group offers specialist temporary and permanent recruitment, training and recruitment operations across the globe, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to central government agencies and local community services.