FTE Model

A dedicated IMS Decimal resource which will work on the client’s project and can be utilised in various processes. Having a dedicated resource within Outsourced Accounting Services means fully extended team support- no need to make processes learn adapt to new resources. This saves you time and money.

Variable Model

If a client is looking for expert to help with a small part of their Outsourced Accounting Services, we are happy to help by charging time spent for a specific process or task. The Variable Model is also referred to as the Transaction based price model, as we make our charges per number of transaction (invoices/ timesheets). This model is more useful for larger, experienced clients.

Plug & Play Model

Small retailer, professionals and traders can provide us with necessary documents such as bank statements and invoices; we will then prepare their account books without needing to be trained or provided with specific forms of software. For large clients, we always have trained resources and will not require lead time to start the process.