Payroll and Pay & Bill

Knowledge-rich, specialist software service such as payroll is difficult to offer without potentially incurring overheads. Many accountants can actually turn down these kinds of projects due to the complex nature of the task in hand.

Along with payments made, its critical for payroll teams to ensure that their temporary and permanent staff are being paid both timely and accurately, with their statutory deductions processed correctly. This also needs to be reported to the relevant government body to ensure compliance with legislation.

IMS Decimal handle payroll for both temp and perm employees, as well as managing their deductions according to respective country laws. We take care of tax, insurance and pension submissions to respective Government offices, delivering service with pinpoint accuracy.

As our services are completely bespoke, we tailor our pay and bill functions according to the needs of the client. With some business, we work only on payroll functions where billing processes are managed by the client onsite. Other clients provide us with billing tasks, and some will need assistance with both payroll and billing accordingly.

We process all data securely, operating with high-standard compliance throughout each and every project. IMS Decimal provide service that is reliable and accurate, helping you make significant savings through efficiency and innovative payroll technology.

Our Outsourced Accounting Services therefore serves as an excellent means to ensure all payroll processes are managed efficiently, at a low-cost during a given time frame. You gain access to a specialist team that are dedicated to delivering results, leaving you to focus on the growth and development of your business.

Scope of work


Weekly/Monthly Payroll

Statutory Deductions

Statutory Deductions

Customised Reporting

Customised Reporting

RTI Submission And Statutory Compliance

RTI Submission And
Statutory Compliance

Software we specialize in

Our team have a wide repertoire of knowledge and expertise, spanning across software and leading client-end applications.

Payroll and pay & Bill

  • Intuit--(quick-books)
  • XERO
  • Astute-PAYROLL
  • Bright-Pay
  • RSM-Intime
  • Sage-Payroll
  • Tempest
  • Eclipse